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Did You Know That Smart Phone Users Were Expected To Reach The 2.71 Billion Mark In 2019?

Such is the popularity of smart phones! Internet has managed to connect and permeate through every nook and corner in the world today. Websites can thus be viewed from phones or tablets or from any gadget (after all, wearable gadgets have been introduced and have a good reception among today’s smart audience). However, most websites aren’t developed to handle different screen sizes or different devices for that matter. This could be a major buzz kill for the user; if the site doesn’t load properly or doesn’t fit to the display it could more or less drive the user away and this means a loss in leads, business and popularity. This is where Responsive Web Developer comes in role; they helps you scale to the needs of today’s user.

What Is Responsive Web Development?

Simply put, it is the practice of web design and development that enables your website to adapt to changing display sizes and function on any device with any screen size. The user experience with such a design is unparalleled. They key highlights of such a design are:

  • Flexibility
  • Ease of use in terms of navigation
  • Scalability (Can be used on any device with any given screen size)
  • Minimal Resizing/Scrolling

There are three basic components in this design technique and an expert responsive web designer should be well versed in them:

  1. Flexible Layouts
  2. Media Queries
  3. Flexible Media

Flexible layouts ensure that the layout is scaled proportionally so as to fit the screen. However, this alone may not be enough to ensure that the text and images are in legible font on the display. Media queries are used to bring in different styles as per the browser and device requirements. Here in, we get to specify the aspect ratio, orientation, pixel ratio and these enable a better user experience. Flexible media is the component that lets the media become scalable and these three aspects combined help in developing a website that is responsive to every device.

  Why Look For A Responsive Web Development Company?

This is a recent branch in web development and not every web developer has the know how of this technique. Hiring a Responsive Website Design Company ensures that you employ expert professionals for the job and you get:

  • Value for money
  • Good Return on Investment
  • Your website stays trendy and in vogue
  • Scalable website that is accessible from any device

Why Choose Vensu IT As Your Web Design Company

 SEO friendly website:

SEO friendly website is built utilizing such configurations and features that make it easy for search engine crawler to crawl every element of your site. Some of the points that make a website SEO-friendly are:

  1. Unique title and description for every page
  2. Well-structured URLs
  3. Fast Loading Web Pages
  4. Unique Content
  5. Images optimized for search engine
  6. Proper navigation

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