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So the school employed some new teachers a week ago and you are required to maintain their documents while entering their information in the school database which is still maintained in papers or through using an outdated software. Once you start doing the process you noticed some of the documents are missing and now you have to call the newly hired employees to send you the documents again, and subsequently the information contained within them, thus delaying the process further. Now what?

Let’s take it a step further. You’re working on an outdated software for generating fees bills for students. It is now the 2nd day of the month and you were required to hand over the fees bills by 1st. You start working and now the servers – handling your software – are dead! What will you do now? Better get comfortable, the wait is going to be long!

One more. The salary of the teachers is getting delayed for like 3 months continuously and you are trying hard to ensure they get their salaries by the start of the month. However, the paperwork is too hard to deal with and you are not sure whether or not you will be able to reconcile the salaries on time. You risk losing highly experienced and professional teachers……consequently the reputation of the school.

Get the picture yet? Almost everything we do now in the contemporary environment is connected to an electronic network, whether it be a high-security internal computer network at one of the Fortune 500 companies or the internal service at a local office shop or a complex. These networks, whether small or large, are sophisticatedly handled by Management Information Systems and the need has never been greater! You are now wondering how I am aware of your problems in the school and what better way to solve these? You want a “system” that can handle all your works accurately and in an efficient manner. Well, the answer is a “School Management Software (SMS)” and we know what the best software out there in Bangladesh is. However, before we discuss the best software you should understand the purpose and importance of school management software.


The backbone of every nation is education and to ensure that the future generations are open-minded, a strong educational foundation should be provided to the young generation. The importance of education is emphasised by the fact that “Quality Education” is the fourth Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) – United Nations. Now, there are many ways to achieve quality education but the most efficient way is to use contemporary technological advancements. These are highly crucial in streamlining process related to education while promoting solidarity among teachers, the school staff, parents and the students. School is a complex system – various activities and processes are working simultaneously and achieving synchronization between all these activities/processes is a convoluted task. Since decades schools have been using paper-based databases but soon realised the disadvantages of such databases. Most notably, papers getting lost, difficulties in copying or updating them, needing a lot of space, and utilising significant human and financial resources for their maintenance. In order to simplify these actions, automated school management systems were developed. A School Management System is a cloud- or web-based integrated solutions used for handling various tasks including attendance management, registration of students, generating fees bills, and transcripts, keeping the parents informed about their child’s progress, preparing timetables and different reports for school staff, parents, teachers, officials of government and other stakeholders. Now you have a pretty good idea what an SMS is, why it’s necessary, and its crucial role in the management of complex school activities. Now we will present you with the best SMS in Bangladesh.


For the past few years, Bangladeshi Government has been busy in transforming the country to a technologically advanced nation, with the promotion of the termDigital Bangladesh”. The country has achieved profound success in effectively integrating these technological advancements with various processes in the country, thus, creating an immense number of jobs in the Information & Communication Technology (ICT) sector as well. Though the country has taken a leap forward and digital classes are now utilised in various schools, the current SMS used in schools are still not comparable to the best out there, unfortunately. For instance, a school, college or university graduate is still unable to produce a computerised profile based on his/her educational expertise. This is due to the fact that the majority of the education sector is still using paper-based databases and relevant systems. Consequently, no centralized systems exist for the maintenance of information including school profile, exam scheduling, student details, lecture distribution and alike. To solve these various, but important, issues we came up with a highly sophisticated and multifaceted software; Alokito School Management Software.


Being given the background of an SMS, its importance, purpose, and relevance to Bangladesh’s Education System, you are now equipped with significant knowledge of this aspect. But you might be wondering what Alokito Software has to offer which distinguish this piece of software from others in the market.

Alokito Software has numerous features working in synchronization to offer the best possible school management, these features (modules) are:

a)    Academic Management

b)    Employee Management

c)    Accounting & Finance

d)    Library, Transport, & Event Management

e)    Attendance Tracking

f)    SMS & e-mail sending

What else do you want from a single piece of software?

Academic Management

Student’s Management

All kinds of academic solutions related to the students are available under one platform. Core features include online attendance, time-table preparation, examination and result management, event calendar, management and assignment of homework, admission management, course and batches management, and even include a dedicated portal for students to access fee payment details, exam and homework details, disciplinary warnings, and applying for leave. These core features in this module of Alokito Software makes it easy for all: the parents, the school staff, and most important the students.

Employee Management

Payroll Management

Remember the issues we discussed at the start of this article? Payroll issues, and employee management? This module of the Alokito Software is the solution to all those problems. You will now be able to record and organise the details of employees, hence, enabling quick access to their information. Recruitment, expenses, employee registration, employee’s performance appraisals, and payroll management are amongst the core features of this module. You will also be able to enter the attendance details of the faculty members on a daily basis which will make your life easier in generating salary reports for each member.

Accounting & Finance

General and Student Account

Remember the era where we had to prepare financial statements through hand or using Microsoft Excel, thus, incurring significant human resources, especially time. That era is now gone and this module of the Alokito Software effectively handle all the financial activities of your school. Maintaining the financial activities of a school is a hectic task due to the increasing number of students and this module plays a critical role in easing the life of school’s accountants and relevant employees working in the finance department. The primary role is to create fee bills for students on a monthly basis. Other than this, you will also be able to generate various reports including payroll, expenses, general ledger, and financial reports. The module will also provide you with the fees of individual courses, student’s balance payments, penalties (if any), mode of payments and alike. The system is developed in such a way that it will monitor and record the most used modes of payment and will display the information using graphical charts to further aid in crucial decision-making; pie charts and bar charts.

Library, Transport, & Event Management

Library Management

I remember my time in school when I used to spend a significant amount of time to search the book I want and then the librarian used to enter my details, and the book details in a “big” register while taking my library card as insurance. Though I loved my time in the school, this was a hectic task as finding the book of my interest was a time-consuming task. Gone are those times now! This module of the Alokito Software is specifically directed towards the management of the library, transport, and school events. The library management modules consist of an inventory which includes the details of all the books contained within it – each book is individually tagged and a unique identification number is allotted. The student can easily search the library from the software by entering the name of the book. The process of book requests, registration, and penalty on late delivery of the book, all are now automated. As for transport management, it is for the safety of the students while also ensuring parents that their children will be safely delivered to the home and on time. This module contains details of vehicle availability schedule, planned routes, driver details, vehicle database, and student’s transport details. Finally, this module will assist the admin staff to organise functions, festivals, holidays and exams.

Attendance Tracking

Real-time Attendance Tracking

The disadvantage for the students, but an advantage for the parents and teachers. Joking apart, this module of the Alokito Software is highly beneficial in tracking real-time attendance of students. A biometric device is installed in the school where all the students are required to scan their thumb finger upon entering the school and leaving the school. The software will take input from the device and will record the attendance details for each student. Text messages will be sent to the parents on a weekly basis containing attendance details for their children.

SMS & E-mail Sending

SMS & E-mail Sending Facility

The name implies the purpose of this module in the Alokito Software. Messages can be sent to various members including the parents, students, teachers, other staff members, stakeholders, and even the vehicle drivers. Details of the messages can vary depending on the context. For instance, if the report card of a student is to be sent, the admin staff will send the report card to the student’s and their parent’s email while informing them on a text message that the final report has been sent to the corresponding emails.


Getting your hands on the Alokito Software is pretty easy. Considering the needs of schools in Bangladesh, we are offering three different packages for the software. The “default” version is for small schools, the “advanced” version contained more features and is targeted to colleges and universities or large schools, and the “premium” version is for anyone who wants the full version of the software. Unlike other companies we have not removed the core features from the “default” and the “advanced” versions, the core features are present in every package. To get the price quote for each version, please use the following contact information:


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